Friday, December 21, 2012

Bring Back The Bible

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever see another good day. It seems like no matter how much good happens there will always be enough bad to offset it. The value of the word tragedy has greatly diminished. It’s almost as if tragedy was the new norm. No country is abstinent from killing. There will always be a man shooting, a bomb exploding, and a family being torn apart from senseless violence. I don’t know much about the societies of the other nations in this world but I do know about America. I can’t help but think that the solution to our problem might be much simpler than it seems.

It’s not just about the music we’re listening to. It’s not just about the movies we’re watching and the videogames that we’re playing. It’s the lack of guidance that should be going along with them. It’s the fact that no one is taking the time to explain to our young people that this is not acceptable. That this is just a song it’s not real life. That it’s just a movie and if you try to act out what you’re seeing there will be real consequences that you will have to face. These videogames are nothing more than just games. It is just like kids playing cops and robbers; it’s fake. Kids are growing up in a videogame age where death is diminished by the ability to try again, the ability to restart, the ability to have another life. This may seem miniscule to most adults but to a kid this could absolutely have a long lasting effect on them. The problem is the lack of people taking the time to explain what life is really all about, instead of telling them what to do and how to do it, we need to take the time to really explain why.

Another problem that I see is the lack of religion in the public school system. It definitely needs to find its way back into our classrooms. I understand that not everyone wants this to happen which is why I’m not saying that bible class should be mandatory. All I’m saying is that it should at the very least be available as an elective because despite what some people may think. God is still very much apart of our country and I think that people will be shocked when they see how many kids will choose to learn about the bible.

I strongly believe that the lack of God in our children’s lives has greatly affected their outlook on life. The bible teaches us how to be good citizens. Men and women that study the word of God and follow its teachings will absolutely succeed in life and that’s a fact. Just think about it, it’s common sense. The bible teaches us to respect others. It tells us not to lie and not to steal. It teaches us to be a hard worker and to take pride in our work. Tell me if I’m wrong but I think that I just described the perfect employee. Who wouldn’t want to hire someone that is respectful, doesn’t lie, doesn’t steal, is a hard worker, and takes pride in there work. So you see that the bible carries on from the classroom to the workplace and into all other aspects of life. The word of God seeps into your soul and no matter how far away you might feel from God. At the end of the day His love and His teachings are still in your heart. Even if one day you decide not to believe in it, the morals and values that the bible teaches will never leave you. 

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