Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gun Control Fixes Nothing

I don’t know what the white house was thinking when they spoke of major changes for gun control. It was, at the very least, reckless and irresponsible. How could they not know what was going to happen next? Now our citizens are in a gun craze. Gun stores are sold out and are being told it could be months until they are restocked.

This means that now there are more deadly assault rifles in possession of our citizens than ever before. How could this possibly make anything better? I can’t believe that they are not intelligent enough to keep quiet about this. Now there are people with stockpiles of these guns in their homes.

I am not in anyway saying that the people that have bought these guns are not fit to possess them. It is just the risk that comes with it that worries me. Home invasions have become a normal thing for most troubled communities. Even nicer communities and people in rural areas have these problems. So what happens when a strung out drug addict breaks into a home and finds ten assault rifles? I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. They’re going to take these guns to there drug dealer buddies and now we’ve really got a mess on our hands.

I see an increase in violence because of this. It is hard for a person to unload an arsenal of weapons and ammunition without someone taking notice. This means that more and more people are going to become targets. Then word of mouth comes into play and makes things worse. A rumor starts about an elderly couple having five assault rifles in their basement. The wrong ears hear this and decide to break into the home. Killing the elderly couple only to discover that there aren’t any guns in the home. Another senseless tragedy and I am sure that this is not going to be an isolated incident.

Similar crimes will be popping up at record rates all over the country. How hard is it for people to think before they speak? These are the people that are supposed to be leading our country not harming it. Now instead of someone only wanting to buy one assault rifle, they’re going to buy five assault rifles because who knows how much longer we’ll be able to purchase them.

So what will happen when assault rifles become outlawed? Do we really expect our citizens to just voluntarily turn in the weapons that they spent their hard earn money on. Will we have another witch hunt on our hands? Will law enforcement begin storming the homes of the people that don’t give them up? Have they even thought this theory through? Who wants to break down the door of a residence that you know has assault rifles inside?

Whatever the outcome will be I would like to hope for the best but based on the past it seems very unlikely. Now instead of getting our citizens to rethink ownership of assault rifles by the average citizens, we have sent them into a craze to get them before they’re gone. Once again our government will attempt to enforce our rules through force instead of education.

First it was alcohol, then it was drugs, and soon it seems it will be guns. Although politicians wont admit it. The laws they create do little to regulate what we can and can’t have. During alcohols prohibition people still got drunk. Drugs are still outlawed today but people are still getting high. If guns are banned people will find a way to get them to. Would it not be safer for them to be sold through a business, then for people to be buying and selling them on the street? That will only lead us to one thing, more senseless killing. Once again our leaders will find a way to create more problems and fix nothing. 

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  1. A well written piece from the heart on a tender and very sensitive subject. Your last paragraph summed it up. I look forward to reading many more blogs from yourself. Kind regards Psymon H