Monday, December 24, 2012

Melissa Nelson - Fired For Being Too Pretty

To be honest the first time I heard about Melissa Nelson being fired because she was too irresistible I thought that it was a joke or that maybe there was more to the story. I read and read and read and no that was the whole story. I am not writing this as an advocate for women’s rights. I am writing this as an advocate for basic human rights.

I wish I could say that I am shocked but I can’t.  There have been times that people were killed for no reason other than the God that they chose to believe in and that was ok. There once was a time that people were separated because of their skin color and that wasn’t against the law either. So why should I be surprised that it is also legal to be fired because you are too attractive. What’s next, women being fired from bars because they are too unattractive, a man being fired from a gym because he is too overweight, the possibilities are endless. They take away discrimination of race, religion, and skin color. So they replace it with discrimination of physical attributes because as of now apparently that is legal.

Melissa Nelson was not fired because she was caught stealing. She wasn’t fired for forging prescriptions for pain medication. She was fired for being herself. She looked too irresistible in her scrubs. Newsflash, all women look attractive in scrubs. Any man that says he disagrees is lying and it’s probably because of the same reason that got Melissa fired, an angry wife. Attractive women look attractive no matter what they are wearing. So for all of you attractive women going to work in scrubs beware. Today could be your last day.

So can somebody please explain sexual harassment to me? Melissa Nelsons boss told her that if she saw his pants bulging then she would know that her clothing was inappropriate, now maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t that sound like sexual harassment? Doesn’t that sound like something that is supposed to illegal in the workplace?  This man even asked her how often she experiences an orgasm. Now normally wouldn’t the person that made that comment be the one getting fired?

This is sad at the very least. To know that now any man or woman deemed too attractive can be legally fired. Next people will be fired for being too unattractive. Any bosses spouse can say that you had better fire this person because they are too attractive and I am so insecure that I am going to leave you if you don’t. Now please take notice that I have not named any names I am simply throwing out scenarios. However you decide to put the pieces together is on you.  Just think about my next statement. If Melissa Nelson was ugly she would still have her job. The sad thing is that you can’t be mad at me for saying that because it is the truth. It was accepted in the court of law that Melissa Nelson was fired for being too irresistible.

I don’t know what else to say about this. It is wrong in so many ways and it blows my mind that nothing has been done to fix this. No one has stepped up and said that this is not ok. Just think if it was your daughter. If your little girl called you crying and told you that she was fired from her job because she was too pretty. This is America, this is the land of the free, and we’re better than this.

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  1. First of all, I don't think she's that pretty to create such a reaction/attraction from the boss.

    Second, it's more than sexual discrimination: It's discrimination of one's looks. So let me get this straight: if one takes care of themselves through diet, exercise, and hygiene, one will be punished by the opposite sex OR by the same sex out of pure hatred-jealousy?

    I have been fired before for such discrimination. This lady told my boss I was wearing MINI SKIRTS, LEATHER SHORT SHORTS, and CLEAVAGE-BEARING blouses. When my former boss told me this, I was outraged because I NEVER owned such articles of clothing and for this woman to go to such great extent to make up the articles she said I was wearing (and by color, I might add), showed how she couldn't bear to see another person of the same sex who took attention away from her or drove her to such hatred-jealousy. (I will mention, I was a hard worker, competent, intelligent, and educated. Always above average reviews. So you tell me?!)

    I agree w/ the wife if she has proof of her husband texting w/ his employee... but it's the employee who shouldn't be punished. The wife should make her husband ACCOUNTABLE for HIS actions. A boss is a leader and should be nothing but professional and a role model for his employees.

    His "bulging pants" comment is sexual harassment. It's also the employee's job to tell their boss that what he/she said is inappropriate and makes them uncomfortable. I am guessing the media did their usual half-ass job of reporting one-sided stories and missed telling us that when he asked her about her orgasms, she willingly and probably happily responded. If she wanted to keep her job, she should have never played back with him nor do any personal texting or lunch dates (the latter is just a guess, but I am probably right).

    A married man and a married woman (married to other spouses) should NEVER have 1-on-1 lunch dates or personal conversations. It'll break a marriage or a job.

    Lesson learned for both dummies.