Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gun Law Naivety

I understand the desire to avoid more tragedies. However by making us more vulnerable is only counter productive. I read in the news about the woman that shot the home invader in Georgia. It really does make the point for not banning assault rifles if people would just stop being stubborn and listen.

The woman was using a six shot revolver, striking the intruder five times, but what if she had missed? What if the intruder had an assault rifle to return fire with? The result would have been much different.

We live in a state of naivety. Do we really think that stricter gun laws on assault rifles will simply stop the violence? I hate be so blunt but how stupid are these people?

Assault rifles will be present in our country the same as they are around world with or without more gun laws, with or without the fact that it is legal or illegal for us to own them. The only thing that will come from making assault rifles illegal will be that people will only be able to buy them illegally, and yes they will buy them. So now it will be primarily in the hands of people participating in illegal activity. Wow great idea America now only the criminals will have them. While we sit back with our handguns the criminals are coming with their assault rifles.

Do we really believe that making them illegal will stop criminals from smuggling them into our country? We speak of protection yet we have thousands of unemployed veterans that actually know how to use them. The white house wants to help them find work yet they are overlooking the obvious. Allow schools, businesses, or whoever has the desire for an assault rifle for protection to hire them. Start a program through the government that will fund it. We can give money to banks but we can’t make a bill for the people that keep our country free.

I know a lot of people will still brush this opinion to the side. Hopefully someone with a different opinion might listen. Making these guns illegal is not the answer. Society is the problem not the guns. The guns aren’t killing people. People are killing people.

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