Monday, January 7, 2013

Politically Incorrect

The war in Syria has been an ongoing issue for nearly two years now. While I admire the international community for their vocal support. The people speaking of putting foreign troops on the ground should really rethink their opinions.

Who are we replacing Assad and the regimes forces with? Is it with democracy and freedom? Or is it more oppression under different leadership? There have been several reports of extremists groups linked to terrorism joining the rebellion. How can we hunt these men down around the world but let them run amuck in Syria?

What do we have to gain? What does the world have to gain? Allowing extremists to join the conflict is only going to hurt the rest of the world. We are basically watching another Afghanistan forming before our very eyes and we are cheering them on.

We cannot really believe that this is really just about freeing the people from a ruthless dictator. We have already neglected the situation in Mali and this is only going to add fuel to the fire. More extremists will start uprising under false pretenses, appearing to free a people but secretly creating another safe haven for terrorists.

Have we all forgotten the attack on the American embassy in Libya, can we really say that terrorists aren’t setting up shop in Libya? Just another unstable region for Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to blend into and plot more atrocities against the international community; for us to do nothing is hypocrisy at its best.

We cannot claim to have a war on terror when we are not fighting it head on. Allowing it in some regions but not in others. In one country we intervene but in another we do nothing. Who are we to determine who is worth saving and who is not?

We watch all of the terror in Africa and speak of how terrible it is; yet we allow it to continue. We cannot say that we went to war to save people because if that were true we would have done much more. We would not sit back and allow hundred of thousands of people to be viciously murdered. We speak of how awful the holocaust was while we watch it continue on television. 

The message we are sending is that genocide is ok as long as it's not in our own backyard or one of our ally’s backyards. We speak of what is wrong but not of how to fix it. Of course not because that wouldn’t be politically correct. Well I’m sorry but sometimes being politically correct is incorrect.  

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